Interview Tips


Interview is the most important element for every job seeker, finding a job is not a difficult task but to find a right job (of your choice) is quite difficult. Interview, you can say is a skill, so in order to enhance it, preparation and practice is the only solution. Preparation can define the difference between getting an offer and rejecting with open hands.

Self assessment about your skills, talents, abilities, strengths, weakness, interest, re-examine accomplishments and achievements.

Updating Your Resume: Resume must be up to date and contain all relevant information

Interview Preparation should be done methodically. You have to be prepared to discuss anything on your resume. You may also need to answer questions or issues you really don't want to answer, such as your lack of related experience, greatest weakness, low GPA, or lack of leadership experiences or your record of switching jobs. During interviews you have to select appropriate attire. You can choose it long before the interview day. If you are in doubt, then a business suit is always acceptable.


Communication Skills: while communicating with interviewer you must be confident, making eye contact, firm handshake. As you know first impression is always makes a huge impact.

Listen: Listen is the best habit, before the interview your interviewers give information, you must hear it carefully; otherwise you may lose some important points. Communication skills not only include speaking it also includes listening, a good listener is always a winner.

Confidence: What’s ever you speak , speak with confidence. As confidence is the key to cross every barrier of life.

Dress Properly: As first impression is the last impression, your dress makes the first impression, so be wear some formal clothes or a business suit.

Use Proper Language: Use proper professional language during the interview. Don't use any inappropriate slang words or references to age, race, religion, politics or sexual orientation.

Talk up to the point: Telling the interviewer more than he want to know could be a fatal mistake. Answer only that question what he asked, reply up to point.

1. Punctuality: Be on time for your interview. If possible reach the venue 15 to 20 min before the schedule time.

2. Research: Research about the company before going for interview. You must know about the services, work culture, clients, domains, products, costumes, about CEO of company etc. Interviewer can ask question why you want to join this company. , in that case information about company is useful.

3. Enthusiasm: when you enter in the room, handshake with the interviewer and eye contact describe your confidence.

4. Prepared: Bring all the copies of your certificates, extra copies of your resume. You should also have questions prepared to ask at the end of the interview.