Diploma in Electrical and Electronics

The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering started in the year 2007 is full fledged in all regards with excellent laboratory facilities.

The laboratory includes

* Electrical Machines lab,
* Power Electronics lab,
* Control of Electrical Machines lab,
* Auto Cad lab,
* Wiring, winding & Estimation lab.

The Electrical machines lab comprises of alternate and Direct current machines including special machines. Power electronics lab has inverters, DC Choppers, AC Choppers, Rectifiers, Cyclo converters, Characteristics and Commutation circuits.

Control of Electrical machines lab has various types of starters in AC & DC, Breaking, Plugging, Reversing, Control both AC and DC, Programmable Logic Controller and GTO Characteristics. The Department has a full-fledged project center where students are given opportunities to apply their ideas and create some thing new. Experts from industries come regularly to guide the students at the project center.